Volume 10

Most Disability Support Payment (DSP) recipients live under draconian Welfare to Work legislation introduced by the Howard government in 2006. These provisions force people with disabilities and other disadvantaged income support recipients to search for work, without adequately addressing the disadvantages people with disabilities experience in finding and keeping meaningful jobs with liveable wages.

Any person at any stage of life can acquire a disability. We live in an aging society. Disability is being diagnosed in an increasing number of babies and children. In fact, it is estimated that up to 25% of the population has some form of disability.

The following report was presented to the September 5 Socialist Alliance National Council meeting and subsequent motions were adopted.

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We’ve just discussed a political situation that presents us with heaps of opportunities to build the Socialist Alliance.

With acknowledgement to Martin Stewart

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The Disability Rights Movement has successfully thrown the spotlight on sheltered workshop rip-offs but has had less success in exposing the horrific Supported Wage System which the Howard government embedded into virtually every industrial award. This is because the trade union movement by and large backs up this system in the mistaken belief that it helps people with disabilities get a fair go.

With aknowledgements to Doug Jordan

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The Socialist Alliance supports:

A liveable income for all retired people.

Adequate provision for common health issues which are sometimes but not necessarily age related: we call for audiologists, chiropractors and other health professionals as well as alternative health consultations to be fully covered by a free national health scheme. We call for free good quality hearing aids and free prescription glasses for all Victorians.

At the NSW Socialist Alliance State Conference, which was held Sunday 7 November, I (i.e., Pat Donohoe) moved a motion calling on the National Council to prepare a report and recommendation on party organisation for debate at the next Socialist Alliance National Conference.

The following report was presented to the September 5 Socialist Alliance National Council meeting and the subsequent motions were adopted.

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Developmental delay and early intervention

This draft policy has been presented as an alternative to the draft policy “Religious Freedom in a Secular Society” tabled by Karl Hand at the Socialist Alliance NSW State conference and the currently existing Socialist Alliance national policy on the Hijab.

With acknowledgements to Michael Merrett

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Independently accessible transport options are key to achieving equality for people with disabilities. Public transport vehicles which have to be accessed by drivers setting down ramps are only partially accessible as they do not allow people in wheelchairs to access vehicles independently. As such socialists support:

This is an initial contribution to developing a Sustainable Agriculture Charter for the Socialist Alliance. Please forward comments and ideas to Nick and Kate.

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Why a Sustainable Agriculture Charter?

The following policies were adopted by the Victorian State Executive of Socialist Alliance for the November 27, 2010 Victorian state election.