Number 1

The following decision of the National Liaison Committee, taken at its June 22 hook-up, outlines how to participate in the preconference discussion.

The Socialist Alliance stands on a platform of total opposition to the profit-driven economic rationalist agenda of social austerity, privatisation and deregulation. While tremendous wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few, millions of us face transport chaos, low pay, job insecurity, homelessness, racism , and environmental destruction. By empowering communities and redistributing the wealth of society we can create jobs, expand public services, and improve welfare and services.

This draft has been produced by Dick Nichols based on an initial draft by Peter Boyle plus amendments received from Janet Burstall, Phil Sandford and Alison Thorne. It has yet to be discussed by the National Liaison Committee, which agreed at its June 22 telephone hook-up that it should be made available for preconference discussion. The National Liaison Committee will produce specific proposals about the National Executive and the national officeholders in a later preconference bulletin.

Minutes of National Liaison Committee phone hook-ups 2001

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