Volume 1

The current platform of the Socialist Alliance is a good start. It contains concrete demands which working class people can relate to. We favour retaining this basic approach.

However, we believe the platform urgently requires more detail. In adding this detail, we will also be able to show how the Socialist Alliance will fight for the needs of the working class in all of its diversity. The demands of women, queers, Indigenous people, people with disabilities, people of colour, immigrants and refugees, unemployed and unorganised workers must be integrated throughout our entire platform, not confined to a discrete “no discrimination” section.

The Socialist Alliance stands on a platform of total opposition to the profit-driven economic rationalist agenda of social austerity, privatisation and deregulation. While tremendous wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few, millions of us face transport chaos, low pay, job insecurity, homelessness, racism , and environmental destruction. By empowering communities and redistributing the wealth of society we can create jobs, expand public services, and improve welfare and services.

To: All NLC members Dear comrades, Please find attached the minutes of the July 6 hook-up Ian Rintoul (National Convenor) Dick Nichols (Acting National Convenor) The hook-up began at 7pm.

The following proposal on preference policy for the Socialist Alliance in the next federal election comes from the Democratic Socialist Party, which discussed the issue at the July 9 meeting of its National Executive.

This draft has been produced by Dick Nichols based on an initial draft by Peter Boyle plus amendments received from Janet Burstall, Phil Sandford and Alison Thorne. It has yet to be discussed by the National Liaison Committee, which agreed at its June 22 telephone hook-up that it should be made available for preconference discussion. The National Liaison Committee will produce specific proposals about the National Executive and the national officeholders in a later preconference bulletin.

I propose that we introduce an extra section into the platform to be called”Against Australia’s imperialist foreign policy”, to be inserted after the section "Fight corporate globalisation" and to include the following dot points.

We were right to stand. Although Aston is not natural SA territory we received more than 300 votes, started the process of putting ourselves on the map, and gained enormous confidence from being to mobilise 150 supporters on hate election.

I propose that we introduce an extra section into the platform to be called”Against Australia’s imperialist  foreign policy”, to be inserted after the section”Fight corporate globalisation” and to include the following dot points:

I want to take up one of the policies on the Socialist Alliance platform, namely "No Enterprise Bargaining" [see under Section "Jobs not Profits" — ed.]

Adrian Beith wrote: After looking at the Socialist Alliance webpage, I found their policies are hardly radical.. It is only an expansion of the capitalist-welfare state, and not all that much different than what I would expect from the ALP left.”

Workers' Liberty proposes changes to the preamble of the platform. The main point of our proposals is to make it clear that the agency that can create the socialism that the SA advocates is the self-organised working class. We can connect the capitalist present to the socialist future by being for self-directed working-class organisation in the present. The action program of the Socialist Alliance is an action programme in so far as it gives support and political voice to working-class struggle and interests at every opportunity.