Some proposed amendments to the draft ‘Towards a Socialist Australia’ resolution

Some proposed amendments to the draft ‘Towards a Socialist Australia’ resolution

Amend clause 56 to read:

We need a system of popular democracy that empowers the majority of people - the workers and other people currently exploited and oppressed by capitalism .

Amend clause 66 to read:

The creation of militant campaigning organisations is crucial. One of the most important of these is a socialist party, that aims to bring bring together all those who want to fight for socialism, and that strives to win mass support through its involvement in all the struggles of the exploited and oppressed, as well as through election campaigns, written propaganda, etc.

Amend clause 79 to read:

It is true that some revolutionary governments have degenerated into bureaucratic regimes, leading eventually to the restoration of capitalism. This highlights the importance of the struggle for democracy as a part of the struggle to build a new society.

But it is also necessary to understand the objective conditions that contributed to such degeneration. Most revolutions that occurred in the twentieth century took place in poor countries devastated by war. They faced constant attacks from the imperialist powers that used war, terrorism and economic sabotage to undermine them. This created conditions favourable to the growth of bureaucracy.

If these countries had received support and disinterested aid from richer countries, rather than hostility and aggression, things may have turned out completely differently. Thus socialist revolutions in rich countries are important, not only for their own people but also for those of the poorer countries.