Socialist Alliance Blacktown council campaign advances work with Sudanese socialists

Socialist Alliance Blacktown council campaign advances work with Sudanese socialists

The Socialist Alliance’s campaign in ward 3 of the Blacktown City Council in the September NSW local elections was an excellent beginning to collaboration with members of the Communist Party of Sudan and the broader Sudanese community in Sydney. The result — around 2% — was very heartening considering that Socialist Alliance had not contested in the area before, as was the mobilisation of Sudanese comrades on polling day itself.

Soubhi Iskander, the main organiser of the Sudanese left in the Blacktown area, was pleased with the result, particularly considering the short time frame of the campaign (only around two months). Soubhi sees the campaign as “the first step” to winning a council seat for Socialist Alliance in the future. He is already planning our next federal and state election campaigns in the area!

Soubhi Iskander is very keen to continue developing the relationship with Socialist Alliance and advancing toward the Sudanese CP in Australia affiliating to Socialist Alliance. During the campaign, the Communist Party of Sudan’s fortnightly newspaper in Sudan (the El Medan) published a half-page photo of the candidates and what they stood for — demonstrating the Sudanese party’s support for the comrades’ approach to qorking with the Alliance (see photo this page).

Sydney West is now set to deepen its collaboration with the Sudanese community in Blacktown and Seven Hills. We shall organise a regular monthly stall in Blacktown on a Saturday and a November 8 Socialist Alliance forum in Blacktown library on the theme “Three years after Cronulla: Is Australia still a racist country?”

Soubhi Iskander is also very keen to increase the Socialist Alliance’s links with other Arabic socialist groups in Sydney’s west (at least in part by establishing an Arabic language Socialist Alliance e-list). This builds on the work of producing an Arabic-language supplement in Green Left Weekly (The Flame).

We now look forward to building towards the formation of a Blacktown branch of the Alliance in the (not too distant) future.