Response to 'Ten Alternatives for Socialist Alliance'

Response to 'Ten Alternatives for Socialist Alliance'

I welcome the Ten Alternatives for Socialist Alliance document presented by the 21st Century Socialism tendency. Finally there are specific proposals for consideration. While I am not making a detailed analysis of the document, some proposals deserve examination.

Those who wondered if there was an agenda for liquidation in the project are now assured that liquidation is the issue at the core of the tendency.  The tendency had earlier called for a return to materialism and has now feinted left to strike right. Accepting the proposals will mean withdrawing support for Green left Weekly and Links and liquidating Socialist Alliance as it exists — not to replace it with a more cohesive organisation but with a loose coalition or federation of clubs.

The support that Socialist Alliance members give to Green Left Weekly as an independent voice of the left is no secret. How successful this support has been is always open to scrutiny.  Endorsements for Green Left Weekly from all over the world from varied left individuals and groups suggest that it has indeed been an independent voice of the left.

The claim about the role of youth is exaggerated, while there is a significant proportion of youth in the Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn phenomena, their support is not entirely youth. And "youth" does not play a central role in socialist struggle, the working class — young, adult, mature aged — does. To privilege youth in this manner is to place demographics above class.

Curiously, the tendency wants Socialist Alliance to both concentrate on Resistance as well as let Resistance operate as an semi-autonomous grouping. What then is the role of older comrades in building Resistance, which is supposed to be central to Socialist Alliance's work?

Privileging demographics over class, rejecting monism in philosophy — the basic proposition that matter is primary and consciousness is its product and reflection — with a project of making an eclectic mix of theories, is retreating from scientific socialism to liberalism, albeit socialist liberalism. For eclecticism is the hallmark of liberalism.

A monist (to borrow from Plekhanov) method (or Marxism in more popular usage) integrates ideas into an organic whole, and does not say "you are right" and "you are right as well" to all sides in a struggle — be it material or theoretical.

It is for comrades in the 21st Century Socialism tendency to demonstrate how this eclecticism in ideas and federation of clubs can ever achieve unity of purpose.