Report on publications and the SA Education Committee

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In the past 12 months we have published four new pamphlets:

  1. How to make an Ecosocialist Revolution: this pamphlet has sold out a print run of 250 and is being reprinted.
  2. Towards a Socialist Australia: this pamphlet had a print run of 1000 and is selling well around the country.
  3. The Road to Rainbow Liberation: This pamphlet has sold out its original print run of 250 and has just been reprinted with another run of 250.
  4. Rainbow Cuba: has just published with a print run of 250 copies.

We also have advanced plans to publish two new pamphlets this year:

  • Debating Population (Ian Angus, Simon Butler, Ben Courtice): this pamphlet presents many of the same arguments as Too Many People? but at a more accessible price.
  • Dollars for Death (completely new edition compiled by Jim Green).

In addition to the reprints of How to make an Ecosocialist Revolution and The Road to Rainbow Liberation, we are also reprinting The Tamil Freedom Struggle in Sri Lanka. Its original 2009 print run of 600 has sold out. As it is still an important and ongoing issue we have produced an updated edition with a print run of 250 copies

Plans for 2013

We have made definite plans to publish the following pamphlets in 2013:

  • Something on Coal Seam Gas, possibly by Simon Butler and Jess Moore.
  • An update/rewrite of our pamphlet on refugees, possibly by Jay Fletcher.
  • Communist Manifesto (with new introduction).
  • Introduction to Marxism. 

We also plan to reprint two other sold out pamphlets early in the new year:

  • Bludgers in Grass Castles — with a print run of 250.
  • Comrades in Arms — with a print run of 250.


In the present context regarding discussions around greater left unity and collaboration, education for our members is more important than ever.

Branch feedback indicates that Marxist educational classes (such as Introduction to Socialism and Introduction to Marxism classes) are not being held regularly. Some branches hold classes on an as-needs basis, and a couple of branches have a weekly or monthly class schedule.

The last Party School, held in Adelaide after the Resistance Conference, was a great success. Seven comrades attended and enjoyed the new choice of readings.

The syllabus for the Party School should change as political circumstances change. The National Education Committee is interested in any suggestions of good, clear, alternative readings for the school.

Resistance is projecting to hold an activist training and educational program (most likely as a camp) following the January 19-20 National Conference.


  • To hold a Marxism School in Brisbane in December.
  • Branches are encouraged to organise Introduction to Socialism and/or Introduction to Marxism classes after High School/Uni/TAFE exams are over, and to consider who would benefit from attending the party school in Brisbane in December, and whether there would be interest in attending another Marxism school in the first quarter of 2013 (venue to be decided after feedback from branches).