Qld state election: Are you sick of the 2-party merry-go-round?

Urgent appeal. Socialist Alliance needs to submit an updated list of over 1500 members to the Australian Electoral Commission to maintain our electoral registration and appear on the ballot at the next federal election. We're asking all existing members and those interested in joining to confirm your willingness to support our electoral enrolment by filling in this form.

So are we.

We're tired of the ALP/LNP duopoly that consistently delivers less and less for us, and more and more for the big end of town. We're tired of politicians listening to developers and corporates, and ignoring the rest of us. 

Bligh's ALP, Newman's LNP: 2 sides of the same coin.

Queensland politics is dominated by the power and money of big business, especially the mining industry. Ordinary people have no voice in our so-called democratic system. This urgently needs to change if we're going to start fixing our state. The Socialist Alliance is a campaigning, socialist party. That makes our approach to politics and election campaigns different from other parties. We believe in real democracy — community control, not just an election every few years, with advertising funded by corporations and developers. 

To begin to build a real alternative to the policies of the major parties, support Socialist Alliance - an activist party committed to genuine, progressive change.

Have a look at the list of our 10 major policies.

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