Proposed resolution in solidarity with 40th anniversary of the Tent Embassy

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The 8th National Conference of the Socialist Alliance expresses full solidarity with the celebrations for the historic 40th anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra, from January 26, 2012.

The public event, called Corroboree for Sovereignty, being held at Old Parliament House, has been called under the general theme “40 Years Stronger — Sovereignty Never Ceded”.

The Aboriginal Tent Embassy, first established on January 27, 1972, has iconic political status and has been a space that has inspired, educated and informed not only Aboriginal people, but countless people from all over Australia and overseas who want to learn more about Aboriginal peoples' history and aspirations.

Despite many attempts to remove the Tent Embassy over the years, it has remained as a symbol of the Aboriginal struggle for social justice and against racist oppression.

Aboriginal people and their supporters will gather in Canberra on January 26 to once again demand land rights and sovereignty for the Indigenous peoples of Australia.

Socialist Alliance reaffirms our full support for this struggle, and will continue to strive to do our part in assisting and promoting the cause of Aboriginal rights in this country.