Proposed amendments to the Women's Charter

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To replace the words “disabled women” with “women with disability”. This is in line with the long time demands of people with disability to be spoken about in this way. 

In the section “Independence and equality in family life” insert the following demand: 

“Introduce universally available, affordable house cleaning services to create jobs; reduce the burden of domestic chores currently borne by women; allow parents to spend more quality time with their children and improve the quality of life of all working people.” 

I suggest this demand be inserted after the demand for improved childcare as it is a related demand. 

The majority of working class women have family responsibilities. Women with family responsibilities should have a stronger voice within our party so that SA can be relevant and inclusive and grow our membership. At every level of party life, from policy formulation to social events, socialists should proactively seek to be inclusive of women with family responsibilities. 

The Women's Charter quotes 445,900 women — out of how many women? — who would like more hours of work. What percentage of women workers does this figure represent, and what percentage of working women with family responsibilities are actually demanding that they be given even more work.

Full time working hours make it impossible for most women with family responsibilities to be politically active within the community, educate themselves or enjoy recreational activities. Yet some socialists perceive full time working hours as a necessary step towards the liberation of women! 

Most working women with family responsibilities are in fact sick of life on the treadmill and would not like more hours of work. Many however feel compelled to seek more work for financial reasons. Some would like more hours in a more stimulating job role but are being held back from pursuing career goals because of family responsibilities. Either way women need to be liberated from the unstimulating, draining, isolating domestic routine through socialised or subsidised housework services.