Proposed amendments to Education Policy

Proposed amendments to Education Policy

These amendments and additions to the existing education policy are intended to expand the policy to include specific details of democratic rights for students on campus as well as ideas concerning the restructuring of education from capitalism to socialism.


1. Insert after section beginning with "Curricula which serves the needs of students":

Democratic Rights for Students. Freedom of speech and expression for all students. The abolition of compulsory uniforms for students. Freedom for students, including at the high school level, to publish student newspapers and magazines, and for schools to actively fund and encourage these publications. No police on campus and no military recruiters on campus. Campus should be a safe space for all students, particularly those from oppressed and marginalised groups.

2. Insert after section on Student control:

Teach freedom! End the focus on mandatory attendance and instead focus on engaging students in education. Break down the division between the school and the community, between intellectual and manual work and encourage students to be active protagonists in their learning, rather than passive receptacles. Develop educational programs that allow for all different types of learning strengths rather than for standardisation. For the end of standardised testing and the restructuring of assessment so that it serves the needs of students and encourages co-operation and development rather than arbitrarily testing students in order to place them into categories for use in the labour market. For an education system which ultimately seeks to produce critical, compassionate and free human beings