Proposed amendment to Drugs policy

Proposed amendment to Drugs policy

[Proposed changes are highlighted in strikethrough below.]

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Socialist Alliance calls for government to:

• Shift legal regulation and associated responsibilities from the criminal justice system to the public health system;

• Develop a series of models for drug provision, from prescription, to pharmacy sales, licensed sales, licensed premises and unlicensed sales. The models have to be based on evidence and assessment of risks;

• Recognise that to ensure that no individual, group or company should be able to profit from drug use and addiction, the manufacture and distribution of currently illicit and addictive substances should be the exclusive responsibility of public institutions, existing or created for this purpose.

• Set and enforce standards, oversee and inspect every aspect of drug policy ― such as growing and manufacture, pricing, packaging, strength and purity levels, cleanliness and security of facilities ― through democratically-constituted expert and consumer committees; and

• Ban the advertising and marketing of all currently legal and illegal drugs.