Pre-conference discussion: how we're going to do this

Pre-conference discussion: how we're going to do this

It's been some time since Alliance Voices came out but one problem we noted in the past was that it was so very difficult to distribute the journal as we relied on branches distributing AV in hard copy (paper) format by hand or by post — or to send it out to members as an email attachment.

Postage was logistically complicated — especially in the lead up to a conference — and expensive; and email attachments can often prove a cumbersome way to circulate the journal's content.

This time around we're keen to ensure better use of the journal in the lead up to our national conference in December by making the content of Alliance Voices much more accessible.

So Alliance Voices is being distributed:

  • via email with links to its content
  • as a downloadable pdf file for printing
  • as a hard copy version available through your local branch, district or state committee.

To receive a hard copy version of Alliance Voices you will need to contact your local SA branch (or the SA National Office). So Alliance Voices will primarily be available on the web for easy access and the AV web site will house our discussion in the lead up to conference. Contributions to Alliance Voices should be sent to the Socialist Alliance national office.

Phone: (02) 9690 2508
Address: Resistance Centre, 23 Abercrombie St, Chippendale 2008
Mailing address: National Convenor, PO Box A2323, Sydney South, 1235

If you are going to submit copy for publication in Alliance Voices please send your contribution in the form of an email post (in Rich Text File format) or as an attached file. If you have any photographs, graphics, posters and leaflets that can be used for illustration puposes in Alliance Voices please send those too as a separate attachments. We'll also deploy them as part of the SA web archive. Also add your name and branch or name and 'at large' (plus state) status.