Podcasting options for the Alliance

Podcasting options for the Alliance

A few years back I was anchoring and producing a few (audio) podcasts.

LeftCast: a news and commentary podcast.

LatinRadical : podcast & radio show focusing on Latin American politics.

The Blather: political satire.

Education for Socialists: A collection of conference and seminar talks and presentations.

LeftClick: audio aggregator (and blog).

... and I’ve only recently returned to the medium at a time when internationally it is undergoing a surge in popularity and relevance.

Coincidentally I was approached by comrades I know in the Scottish Socialist Party to contribute segments to their fortnightly podcast, Socialist Voices.

The SSP format may be of special interest to Alliance members as its driving content is interviews with SSP members.

I think it is overly long but its point registers and it works.

So I’d like to suggest for consideration that we also experiment with podcasting under the aegis of the SA.

If you need background I worked up a podcasting overview last year which I circulated among the SA NE. I tried to draw together relevant information, technical issues and perspectives.

The question then was what format was worth pursuing?

My SSP experience suggests that the format we should explore is:

  • a fortnightly podcast (in the beginning anyway)
  • initially built on interviews with SA members (including GLW writers)
  • segments of no more than 10 minutes each:the interviews need to be edited down. So interviews are limited to around three per episode.
  • do it without requiring any financial outlay.

Of course there are other options that can be incorporated such as VoxPops at protests and rallies (see G20 example).

But the core trick is generating interviews simply by ringing people up and recording the exchange. And today, there is a cheap piece of hardware — the Olympus TP8 — that can do just that .