Platform of the Red Eureka Tendency (RET)

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The RET categorically rejects ecosocialism as theory, concept, ideology and practice. Ecosocialism is a non-socialist idea which is incompatible with the development of the socialist movement as well as the theory of Marxism.

The RET is opposed to the artificial elevation of the green or environmental movement into something which requires strategic adjustments for socialists. Socialists should seek to work with and within the environmental movement in the same manner as which we engage in other social movements.

The RET is opposed to the prioritisation of political work with the Australian Greens. The Greens are primarily an electoral party, and socialists should work with the Greens in the same manner as we work with other parliamentary parties and other organisations within social movements.

The RET is opposed to blanket condemnations of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and other countries of the former Eastern Bloc. While the Soviet Bloc is now part of history, it remains important for socialists to defend the partial gains achieved for the international working class.

The RET is opposed to hostile criticism of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The DPRK (North Korea) has attempted to build socialism in difficult circumstances, and as such deserves critical solidarity from socialists internationally.

The RET emphatically rejects liberalism, anarchism, autonomism, libertarianism, anarcho-syndicalism and other non-Marxist political theories. As such, the RET is opposed to accommodation to these trends when formulating Socialist Alliance positions and policies.

The RET welcomes the historical contributions of Trotskyism and Maoism to the historical body of Marxist theory and practice, while recognising their limitations. The REF encourages the study and research of Trotskyism and Maoism, while also learning from those parties who still identify as such.

The RET is for the promotion of Leninism as the logical extension of Marxism. The RET seeks to ensure that the Socialist Alliance does not abandon Leninism.

The RET seeks to ensure that Green Left Weekly is largely composed of Marxist content. It also seeks to ensure that Green Left Weekly becomes a combination paper.

The RET supports the building of the Socialist Alliance as a broad socialist coalition, but is opposed to the dissolution of Marxism to achieve such a format. The broad socialist coalition should be seen as a step towards uniting the left on the basis of Leninist practice.