NSW council elections September 8, 2012

Urgent appeal. Socialist Alliance needs to submit an updated list of over 1500 members to the Australian Electoral Commission to maintain our electoral registration and appear on the ballot at the next federal election. We're asking all existing members and those interested in joining to confirm your willingness to support our electoral enrolment by filling in this form.

No coal seam gas — cancel the Sydney licence

Council must pressure the state government to cancel the licence for Dart Energy to drill for coal seam gas in the first urban site in St Peters. Coal seam gas is no answer for the emergency conversion to clean energy and transport we need. CSG should not be mined or used in Marrickville or any urban, farm or water catchment area.

For a stop climate change council

All levels of government need to work to make an urgent shift to a zero-emissions economy. Marrickville Council can help with its own green infrastructure development and universal standards in all new building approvals. Council can push the state government to plan for 100% renewable energy and free and expanded public transport.

Yes to the new library, no to expanded Metro

We welcome plans for the new, improved library and community hub. But it should be powered by renewable energy, not tri-generation, which relies on gas, including coal seam gas. Residents should not have to pay for the funding shortfall. Open the budget books for residents to see where else the funds could come from. With vibrant nearby shopping strips, the Marrickville Metro does not need to be expanded.

Support rights for council and community workers

Marrickville Council should set an example in workplace rights and conditions. It should not use individual contracts or anti-union laws to drive down wages and conditions.

Accountability, transparency & no amalgamations

The council is an extension of the community. We need regular ward accountability meetings for a transparent, participatory democracy. We oppose efforts by greedy developers and the state government to amalgamate councils as it would make over-development and unsustainable development even harder to fight. We support referendums on any issue if 10% of council residents call for it.

Affordable housing, licence the boarding houses

Rental stress in the inner west is a huge problem and council should push for low cost, quality social housing, including housing co-operatives and council housing. The licensing and regulation of boarding houses must ensure residents' rights.

Shrink Mascot and build Very Fast Trains

Marrickville Council should re-join the no aircraft noise campaign to pressure the state and federal governments to replace most domestic air travel with a Very Fast Train network. The climate emergency means we have to reduce air travel, which is a big polluter. Mascot should not be expanded and the flight curfews must be tightened. This would cut noise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Make the global local

Marrickville — an ethnically diverse area - has a proud record of campaigning for human rights and this must continue. We applaud council's support for West Papua, Burma and its past support for the global campaign against Israel's discrimination against Palestinians. Marrickville Council's sister-city relationship with Bethlehem puts the onus on council to oppose Israel's apartheid policies. The global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign is one way of doing this.

More light rail, more Greenways, more community gardens

Marrickville Council is right to pressure the NSW state government to build the Greenway. We need more Greenways in the inner city to make it less congested and polluted. Expand the light rail past Dulwich Hill to make it more commuter friendly. Council should support and help organise more local community food gardens.

Value older and long term residents: Rates based on ability to pay, not just house value

As property values have increased so have rates. This puts an unfair burden on pensioners, retirees and others on modest incomes who own their own homes. Like income tax, rates should be based on people's ability to pay. Let's value older residents by making sure that fees and charges don't price them out living in our community.

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