National Executive Resolution

National Executive Resolution

The Socialist Alliance National Executive adopted the following resolution at its meeting on April 29:

The Socialist Alliance national executive (NE) notes that a new tendency has formed in the Socialist Alliance and has submitted two documents to Alliance Voices.

The NE affirms that all Alliance members have a right to express their views and to organise to build support for their proposals within the party, while loyally implementing the decisions adopted by branch and national bodies of the Alliance.

Pre conference discussion in the lead up to the January 2017 national conference is the appropriate forum for discussing such proposals as have been raised by the tendency and any other proposals that are made between now and then.

The tendency documents make a number of serious allegations about party democracy, transparency and accountability. This requires an immediate response.

The NE directs the national co-convenors of the Alliance to make themselves available to Alliance branches to report to and answer questions from members about these matters or any other questions about Alliance functioning raised by the membership.

This is a measure to ensure ongoing accountability of the Alliance leadership to the membership in a context where serious (if unspecified) allegations have been made. SA comrades should feel free to ask any questions they wish about Alliance functioning at these accountability sessions.

29th April, 2016