Greetings to the Socialist Alliance Conference

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The following revolutionary greetings to the Socialist Alliance 9th National Conference have been received.

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Sri Lanka: NSSP

Greetings from the NSSP in Sri Lanka

On January 18-20, 2013, the Socialist Alliance will be holding its 9th National Conference, titled “Towards a socialist Australia”, in Geelong, Victoria.

We understand that this conference is an an important meeting for your party. It takes place at a time of deep crisis for the capitalist system, posing urgent challenges for socialists everywhere to build movements and organisations that are capable of preventing the capitalists from forcing the majority of people, and the planet, to pay for their disasters.

Also we have to discuss and create an alternative.

At the Socialist Alliance conference, I am sure delegates and members will assess the state of world and Australian politics, and discuss and vote on policies and plans for your future work.

I am sure you are looking for feminist , green , democratic socialist alternative. We are very grateful to you for your unrepentant solidarity for our struggle to bring a democratic solution to the national problem in lanka and to move to build socialism.

Please accept our good wishes and greetings.

Nava sama samaja party. 13 jan 2013
New same society party

Venezuela: Greetings from Venezuela Analysis

To the Socialist Alliance 9th National Conference

At a time like this in Venezuela, when our dear comrade and huge leader of the Bolivarian revolution is extremely sick and we don't know if he'll get better or if he'll be back, and when private media here and overseas are dropping virtual bombs on us in the form of ongoing lies, and the opposition is strutting around and threatening to bring in the army one day, while in the meantime they hoard the sugar and blame the government for it ... it is so clear how important the organisation of the grassroots is.

It's something we all know of course, but I guess there are certain moments in history when we feel just how determining it is. That the organisation (or lack) of the grassroots means the Bolivarian revolution going one way, or the other. The sense that history is in our hands has never been so strong.

Of course, that is true in every country, including Australia. Well done for continuing to organise despite the winds of apathy there, the droning sleepy tones of Australian politicians, and the crazy 40 degree heat.

Courage is in persistence and I know that the Socialist Alliance has many comrades who have been fighting for decades. Such strong people, what a wonderful organisation. Keep it up!

Abrazos solidarios, viviremos, lucharemos y venceremos!

Tamara Pearson and the rest of the Team


Greetings from Manarishi Dhital,

Editor, Janadesh Weekly/ RadioJanadesh

And Convener, Nepal-Venezuela Solidarity Network

conference would elect  new thought and leadership

Dear Comrades,

Socialist Alliance, Australia 

Revolutionary greetings from Nepal, the country of Mt. Everest and Gautam Buddha and best wished for strengthening our international solidarity.

First of all, we would like to wish for the successful completion of the 9th National Conference of the Socialist Alliance, the beloved party of the Australians progressive workers. I hope the conference would provide new thought and leadership with abundant strength to all revolutionaries to fight against capitalism and imperialism.

We, Nepalese, revolutionaries have been continuously in touch with the Australian socialist movement and observing it thoroughly for the past 4 years. I, myself, have been to Australia three times during the period and shared the progress of the movement with various comrades in Australia. 

Specially, we have felt that the Resistance Conference held in Adelaide in July, 2012, was a milestone in exchanging our views and thoughts between the two countries. Similarly, after my visit to Australia, the Nepalese communities, living in Melbourne and Sydney have been in touch with the Socialist Alliance. We hope that the second generation Nepalese people living there in Australia will be in touch and co-work with Socialist Alliance. For this, we will make necessary efforts from here in Nepal. The debate for unification among the socialists in Australia is is a good news for the Nepalese revolutionaries at a time when the country has been facing prolonged political transition, split and division of the revolutionaries.  we would like to wish for the strong unity among the true revolutionary socialists of Australia. We are also able to establish our solidarity network with Latin American revolutionary process via your support and encouragement. I would like to wish for the successful completion of the conference expressing best wishes for the good health of Hugo Chavez, the world's leader of socialist movement. 

Thanking you.

Manarishi Dhital

Editor Janadesh Weekly/ RadioJanadesh

Convener, Nepal-Venezuela Solidarity Network

Malaysia: PSM

Greetings from Malaysia.

Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) would like to convey our solidarity to the 9th National Conference of Socialist Alliance.

PSM has been forging solidarity with Socialist Alliance for years. PSM thanks Socialist Alliance for extending your support to our struggle in Malaysia for all these years, like Free EO6 campaign, anti-Lynas, Bersih etc. We are also thankful to Socialist Alliance for inviting comrades from PSM to visit Australia in a number of occasions, as well as accepting our invitation to speak in our sessions in Malaysia.

Malaysia is at its crossroads now, where the coming general election will be decisive for the opposition forces to oust the corrupted regime which has ruled the country since the independence 55 years ago.

The recent huge rally dubbed as "Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat" (People's Uprising Rally) was successfully gathered all the pro-democracy forces to demand for change in Malaysia. People in Malaysia are getting frustrated with the ruling Barisan Nasional regime which has squandered so much of wealth, stepped on democracy and worsened the gap between rich and the poor. Yet, regime change does not mean that there will be change in the system. Hence, it is very crucial for all the progressive forces and social movements which sprung out recent years in Malaysia to continue to organise, educate and mobilize to defend the interests of the ordinary people. PSM believes that genuine change that would benefit ordinary masses only come about through mobilizing people power from below.

The worsening of global capitalist crisis is not necessary giving strength to the international left automatically. There are tremendous challenges confronting international left. It is important for the left to immerse our selves in the mass struggles around the world and to provide workable alternatives to the revolutionary masses which potentially will give a deadly blow to capitalism.

PSM wishes all the delegates in the conference will have fruitful and meaningful discussions in building socialism in Australia. The success of struggle in Australia would help to inspire our struggle here in Malaysia.

We are looking forward for more cooperation in coming future.

In solidarity,
Choo Chon Kai
Central Committee Member
on behalf of
Socialist Party of Malaysia / Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM)

Climate & Capitalism

Greetings to the Socialist Alliance

From Ian Angus, Editor Climate & Capitalism  

On behalf of the journal Climate & Capitalism, on behalf of and our readers and contributors on every continent, I am pleased and proud to extend revolutionary greetings to the Ninth National Conference of the Socialist Alliance.  

Your struggles against all forms of exploitation, oppression and discrimination, are an inspiration and example to socialists everywhere.  

Like you, Climate & Capitalism firmly believes that there can be no true ecological revolution that is not socialist, and no true socialist revolution that is not ecological. 

Like you, we know that humanity faces a critical choice in the 21st century: ecosocialism or barbarism. There is no third way.  

Last month, Bolivian president Evo Morales gave an important and historic speech at Isla Del Sol. He concluded with these words: “Sisters and brothers, leaders of Abya Yala, of America and the world, as a people and as social forces we have a huge responsibility: to save the planet, to save life and humanity.”  

That is indeed our common responsibility, and it indeed huge. 

It will not be easy or quick, but I truly cannot think of a more important and worthwhile cause.  

I am confident that the Socialist Alliance will play a global leadership role in assembling the mighty forces we need, to put an end to capitalism before it destroys civilization.  

United, we will win!

India: CPI (ML) (Liberation)

9th National Conference

Socialist Alliance


Dear Comrades,

It gives us great pleasure to extend our warm revolutionary internationalist greetings to the 9th National Conference of the Socialist Alliance, Australia. The current crisis of global capitalism – by far the deepest, widest and most enduring crisis since the Great Depression – presents communists and the working people of the world with a great opportunity to deliver a crushing blow to neo-liberalism, press for welfare-oriented measures and policies and rekindle the vision of socialism. We are sure the 9th Conference of SA, Australia with its clarion call of “Towards a Socialist Australia” will bolster your organisation and energise the socialist movement. On behalf of the Central Committee of the CPI(ML), we wish your 9th Conference every success.

Here in India right now we are in the midst of a powerful movement against sexual violence against women. On February 20-21, all central trade unions have issued a joint call for a two-day industrial strike. We will try our best to transform it into a broader mass political action. Let us also take this opportunity to invite you once again to our forthcoming 9th Congress to be held in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand from 2 to 6 April, followed by a mass rally on 8 April. 

We look forward to closer cooperation between the communist and working class movements in our two countries.

Here’s wishing you once again a very successful conference and bigger victories in the days to come. 

With warm communist greetings,


Dipankar Bhattacharya

General Secretary,


Palestine: PPP

Message from the Palestinian People’s Party to the Comrades of the Socialist Alliance in Australia

Dear comrades and friends in Socialist Alliance:

Palestinian People's Party would like to send its warm comradeship and congratulations to you on the occasion of 9th National Conference, titled “Towards a socialist Australia”, which is organized in regional and global conditions that are highly sensitive and complex, in which the imperialist powers seek to loot the people’s wealth, are violating national sovereignty, and raising false slogans calling for democracy and human rights.

The Palestinian People's Party on this occasion expresses our solidarity with your social and political struggle for social justice, independence, peace and socialism in your country, and in all countries of the world. 

The massive expansion of poverty and the dramatic increase in unemployment reveal the aggressiveness of the capitalist system and its aim to devalue the price of labor power, to destroy productive forces in a mass way in order to salvage its profitability in the conditions of the crisis.

Social and economical crises are getting wider and deeper in the capitalist system.

The methods and policies of New Liberalism are falling down. Tension, arms race, regional wars and internal wars are the tools that are used by imperialism to get around its complicated predicament. 

We are certain that your congress will tackle the main challenges you confront. 

We are certain also that your congress will succeed in formalizing a more specific program and action plan and organizational agenda.

Our Party is looking forward to seeing more achievements in your struggle and to learn from your experience.

People in all the world in general and in the Arab world especially must recognize the fact that real change can come only with the overthrow of capitalism and the construction of socialism. 

Our era is the era of transition from capitalism to socialism. 

The future is not with capitalism, socialism is the future. 

We highly appreciate your solidarity with Palestine and the Palestinian people. 

It will be very useful to us that your congress declares a solidarity call of

the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people, like that of all peoples, is an inalienable right that is not up for negotiation..

We look forward to the results of your conference with great hope, and we are confident that the congress will add more to the experiences of socialist parties and international experiences, 

Once again, we congratulate the convening of this National Congress, and wish you continued success and progress.

Best regards,

Palestinian People Party