Greetings to the 11th National Conference of Socialist Alliance

Greetings to the 11th National Conference of Socialist Alliance

Greetings were presented to the 11th National Conference of Socialist Alliance in person by:

Shamikh Badra (Palestinian People's Party)
Comrade Ridho from the Working People's Party (PRP) — Indonesia

The following solidarity greetings were received ahead of the conference

* * *

Greetings from the Socialist Party of Malaysia

Dear comrades,

Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) would like to send our greetings to the 11th National Conference of Socialist Alliance.

We hope the participants of the National Conference will have a fruitful discussions in strengthening the organisation and consolidating the effort to build socialist movement in Australia.

We would like to express our appreciation to comrades in Socialist Alliance who have been supporting and expressing solidarity to our struggle here, including when our party's Secretary-General Arutchelvan arrested in February under Sedition Act and in May soon after the May Day Rally.

The world is at the critical juncture today, as global capitalism has gone through a prolonged and ever-deepening crisis in recent years. The left around the world are facing tremendous challenges to fight back capitalist onslaught which aimed to save the system by sacrificing the working class and the poor, as well as the threat of rising of far-right forces which employing racism and xenophobia to divide the people in order to weaken the resistance against the system.

Here in Malaysia we are also facing the attacks from the regime which has implemented recently Goods and Services Tax (GST) to squeeze the poor in order to save the filthy rich. Ethnic and religious politics still being used to divert the people from the fundamental issues of class exploitation and oppression. PSM is trying to rebuild the forces on the left by forming the Left Coalition and promoting alternatives to the current neo-liberal economic order. This is an uphill task for the left and a lot we can learn from each other with the left in elsewhere.

We hope to continue to build solidarity and working relations with Socialist Alliance and develop strong international solidarity to advance the movement against global capitalism.

In solidarity,

Choo Chon Kai
Central Committee Member
Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM)

*  *  *

From the Partido Lakas ng Masa — PLM Philippines

Dear Comrades,

Warm solidarity greetings from the Partido Lakas ng Masa — PLM Philippines, to delegates and members of the Socialist Alliance, attending the 11th National Conference.

We express our solidarity with you in your struggles for Aboriginal rights, refugee rights and against racism, for the continuing campaigns for gender and LGBTQ equality, for the environment and climate justice, for workers rights and against the Abbott government's horrendous attacks on working people, the oppressed and the marginalised, as well as its destruction of the environment. We also salute the Socialist Alliance for its uncompromising record in solidarity with the struggles of the movements in the Third World against Australian imperialism in Asia and the Pacific and your ceaseless efforts to raise the awareness of the Australian working class on the role and nature of Australian imperialism in our region.

PLM is currently undertaking a campaign for Free College Education. Young PLM just concluded an extremely successful assembly to launch the campaign, attended by around 300 students representing over 60 schools and colleges, that is around one-third of the schools in Metro Manila. We are also preparing to launch a campaign for universal healthcare, led by PLM-Women. This also reflects the decision of the party to prioritise our organising and mobilising work amongst women, especially in the local urban working class and poor communities. PLM is also preparing for the 2016 presidential elections. As one of the few nationally registered political parties, we have initiated discussions amongst anti-government progressive forces, to run an independent national slate in the 2016 Presidential elections.

We value the collaborative relationship between our two parties. We have learned much from each others struggles. Most importantly, we have understood and experienced the importance of solidarity — of international solidarity amongst socialist and working class forces. Our enemies organise across borders. Our issues are interlinked. Your struggle, is our struggle! Your gains, are our gains! Our victories, strengthen each other.

We look forward to reading the documents and finding out about the outcomes of your conference. We wish you all the very best in your deliberations.

Mabuhay, Socialist Alliance!
Mabuhay, International Solidarity!
Reihana Mohideen
Head, PLM-International
For the Partido Lakas ng Masa

*  *  *

From the PRD (People's Democratic Party) Indonesia

Respected comrades, members of Socialist Alliance,

First of all we would like to regret not able to send a delegate to attend the very valuable momentum of Socialist Alliance’s National Conference. In the PRD’s seventh Congress in 2010 and the eighth Congress of the recent March 2015, the Socialist Alliance has sent its observers to follow and convey a message of solidarity directly in front of the Congress participants. Once again we would like to regret can not attend in person.

However, we expect the relationship between the SA and the PRD does not become tenuous. For the PRD, is very important to build a strong relationship with the Socialist Alliance as a leftist political force in Australia. Indonesia and Australia have geographic proximity, so that economic, politics, and culture relations between the two countries has been developed very closely. But this relationship is still more dominant for elements representing the investors, so that the impact of the benefits to the people are so little.


Various problems we are facing in the world today. And in it there are the problems that we face together as the people of Indonesia and the people of Australia. We face capitalism controlled almost the entire face of the earth, which produces war, hunger, discrimination, exclusion, and other forms of injustice.

We greatly appreciate the efforts of Australian comrades in the fight against all of that; defending refugees from various countries who come to Australia. Also struggle against racism and for the rights of Aboriginal and struggles in other fields which we do not know the details but we believe that for the good of all, for the sake of humanity. We are hopeful that your struggle will produce changes in social structure in Australia and then have positive impact on the struggle facing capitalism and imperialism in Indonesia and other parts of the world.

The elements are now joining in Socialist Alliance have a long paid attention to and solidarity with our struggle in Indonesia, both in the face of the new order dictatorship, and face the pragmatic interests of global capitalism now.

Since 1998, after the fall of dictator Suharto, we in Indonesia faced economic and political liberalization which is a project of global capitalism to controlling the world. In the Suharto era our peasants evicted from their lands for government projects financed by foreign debt, so now farmers evicted for corporate interests which annexed the lands directly.

Meanwhile, Indonesia has established political order of oligarchy that seeks to maintain power in the hands of a few people through a number of political parties. After 16 years of reform, the leftist or progressive groups has not been able to significantly take place in the circle of power to accelerate the process of "change from above". Likewise, our efforts to build a "united left" hampered by differing views on the objective situation which stems from differences in experience and base political struggles of each group.

Faced with this situation PRD promote national front strategy that means encouraging the possible broadest unity of political groups harmed by neoliberalism. This work faces many challenges, but we are confident that this strategy will at least force a lot of political forces (including those in the circles of power) to think about the problem of imperialism which is so real undermine social life.

We believe that socialism will only be able to be realized when political sovereignty and economic resources has been won back from the hands of corporations into the hands of a democratic state. This is the stage of our struggle; democratic national revolution with the international solidarity perspective to face injustice.

The more days the injustice would appear even brighter. Political changes that occurred in Latin America, Greece, and Spain is proof that people are always looking for the most capable political tool as a torch and effective in the fight for change. This is where the challenge for us, both the PRD and the Socialist Alliance, to be able to become a political tool which is trusted by the people in each country.

Finally, we congratulate Socialist Alliance over its National Conference. May the best results will be achieved.

Long live people’s struggle!
Long live Socialist Alliance!
Long live international solidarity!

Jakarta, June 3th 2015
Dominggus Oktavianus
General Secretary of PRD