Further amendments to Towards a Socialist Australia

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Amend clause 9 to read:

"The reality of climate change is manifesting itself in an increasing number of extreme weather events, such as heatwaves, droughts, floods, hurricanes and tornados. Melting ice sheets are resulting in rising sea levels and increased flooding of low-lying areas. Some islands will be totally submerged, turning their inhabitants into climate refugees. "These problems disproportionately affect the world's poorest people, who contribute the least to the crisis".

Amend clause 14 to read:

"The United States, the mainstay of world capitalism, is gripped by seemingly intractable problems. The ruling class refuses to countenance serious tax increases on the rich or curb militarism, so the government has been cutting public spending on health, welfare and education in an attempt (so far unsuccessful) to cut the budget deficit. Millions of people have been evicted from their homes. Real unemployment may actually be around 22%."

Add a new clause after clause 30:

"The Australian economy has become heavily dependent on mineral exports to China, and is vulnerable to any future downturn in the Chinese economy, which may occur because of a decline in Chinese exports to Europe and America. "Meanwhile employment in manufacturing in Australia has declined rapidly. The development of a socially-owned renewable energy industry is necessary for job creation as well as for environmental reasons."

Clause 33:

Delete the word "important", so it would read: "The Rudd government’s official apology was a symbolic step forward...."

Amend clause 38 to read:

"Yet calls to address the disgraceful state of healthcare, housing, welfare and social services are met with the mantra ‘Where’s the money going to come from?’ At the same time the big corporations post ever higher profits".

(Delete the phrase "which flow solely to their shareholders (the 1% oligarchy)" because shareholders also include super funds, which I deal with in clause 42.)

Amend clause 39 to read:

"While social programs face endless cutbacks, ‘corporate welfare’ is booming with handouts, tax breaks, concessions, and cosy contracts such as public-private partnerships. The official company tax rate is a very low 30% but many of the big corporations pay far less. Faced with the opposition of the mining industry, the federal ALP government capitulated, watering down its projected mining super-profits tax."

("watering down" replaces "abandoning")

Amend clause 42 to read:

"The source of all our problems is due to the fact that the economic infrastructure of society is privately owned. A tiny handful of people — the capitalist class, the 1%, the super-rich, the corporate oligarchy — own the means of production, distribution and exchange. They own the corporations that own the mines, factories, banks, transport networks, supermarket chains, media empires, and so on. They effectively control the superannuation funds in which workers re compelled to invest part of their wages".

Amend clause 50 to read:

"While clearly preferable to openly dictatorial forms of capitalist rule, capitalist democracy is more formal than real. Every few years we get to choose which of two neoliberal parties will govern on behalf of the 1%. So much of the electoral spectacle is theatre as the media tries to pretend that there are real differences between the pro-corporate Coalition and the equally pro-corporate Labor Party."

Amend clause 53 to read:

"We enjoy the right of relatively free speech, despite some restrictions including the law of defamation, some council bylaws, and restrictions on political campaigning imposed by the management of private shopping centres. You can shout your head off on just about any subject but the corporate media is privately owned and essentially inaccessible to ordinary people so the audience you can reach is limited."

Amend clause 71 to read:

"A peoples’ government would sign a treaty with the Aboriginal people recognising and compensating for their original dispossession and move rapidly to overcome Indigenous disadvantage at all levels and in all sectors of society."

Amend clause 72 to read:

"Apologists for capitalism have long devoted enormous efforts to arguing against socialism. They constantly try to prove that it is a completely utopian exercise, flying in the face of human nature; that it will never work; or that it will always lead to bureaucratic dictatorship."

("bureaucratic" replaces "Stalinist")