Draft resolution on Socialist Alliance's Latin America solidarity work

Draft resolution on Socialist Alliance's Latin America solidarity work

These motions are moved in the context of the draft policy on solidarity with Latin America submitted by the working group.

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1. Preamble: The development of the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela is the main motor force for the growing anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist movements across Latin America. As such, building solidarity with the Venezuelan revolution under the leadership of President Hugo Chavez is a centrepiece of socialists' Latin America solidarity activity. In Australia, the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network, as a broad coalition of organisation affiliates and individual activists organised through local committees, is currently the most effective vehicle for extending and strengthening solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution.

Motion: That the Socialist Alliance help to build the AVSN by actively supporting its national projects, including speaking tours, conferences and solidarity brigades to Venezuela, and strive to help set up or build AVSN committees in each city where there is a Socialist Alliance branch and the resources available.  

2. Preamble: The construction - led by the Cuban, Venezuelan and Bolivian revolutions - of a strengthening anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist bloc in Latin America through regional integration projects such as ALBA, the Bank of the South, etc, is an important development in world politics that must be reflected in the left's approach to building Latin America solidarity today. This developing cooperation  between left and revolutionary governments and peoples in the region is a major challenge to imperialist domination in Latin America and globally, and is provoking an imperialist counter-offensive (eg: Honduras coup, new military bases in Colombia, etc).  

Motion: That the Socialist Alliance strive to strengthen united action in solidarity with all progressive forces and processes in Latin America by participating in or initiating campaigns in solidarity with specific peoples/governments under attack by imperialism, and participating in or initiating broader Latin America solidarity coalitions wherever possible, such as the Latin America Social Forum in Sydney, the Latin America Forum Melbourne and the Latin America Solidarity Conferences. 

3. Preamble: In addition to helping to build independent Latin America solidarity organisations and networks, the Socialist Alliance, as the largest socialist organisation in Australia, has an important role to play in linking the struggles and advances for socialism in Latin America and the anti-capitalist struggle in Australia. The processes taking place in Latin America are not separate from the struggles of the working class and oppressed in Australia, and through its activities in many progressive campaigns and movements in Australia, as well as in Latin America solidarity networks, the Socialist Alliance can build links between these struggles. This will strengthen both the Latin America solidarity campaigns and the left in Australia. 

Motion: That this national conference endorse the formation of a Socialist Alliance Latin America solidarity work committee to meet as needed to nationally coordinate Alliance members' solidarity work, and which will report and be accountable to the national executive. Further, that all Socialist Alliance branches be encouraged to establish a local Latin America solidarity work committee to coordinate local members' work and report to the branch in this area of activity as needed.  

4. Preamble: Green Left Weekly's excellent reporting and analysis of the political developments and processes in Latin America, in particular in Venezuela, and its unique status as the only Australian media with a permanent bureau in Latin America, makes it a highly valuable resource for strengthening Latin America solidarity in Australia. 

Motion: That Socialist Alliance members' active in Latin America solidarity work promote the purchase of Green Left Weekly subscriptions by all Latin America solidarity organisations and activists. To assist that, and help strengthen Latin America solidarity in Australia, the Socialist Alliance will continue to collaborate with other member organisations of the Latin America Social Forum to produce and distribute a regular Spanish-language supplement in Green Left Weekly. 

5. Preamble: The call from the International Meeting of Left Parties held in Caracas, Venezuela, on November 19-21, for discussions to begin to found a "Fifth Socialist International" marks a significant step forward for strengthening anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist unity in action at a time when the massive crises of capitalism demand it. For organisations like the Socialist Alliance, which since its formation has striven for greater left unity in Australia, progress towards greater left and socialist cooperation and coordination internationally will assist our aims and struggles. 

Motion: That this conference endorse the decision of the Socialist Alliance national executive meeting on December 3, 2009, that "the Socialist Alliance support the "Caracas Commitment", the declaration of the International Meeting of Left Parties held in Caracas on November 19-21, 2009", and "support the special resolution adopted by the International Meeting of Left Parties to convene a working group and conference to prepare for the founding of the Fifth Socialist International, and participate in whatever ways possible in the preparatory discussions and meetings".