Draft resolution on GLW copy and campaigning

Draft resolution on GLW copy and campaigning

This resolution was adopted at the December 10 National Executive meeting, with one abstention.

* * *


Green Left Weekly, now in its 19th year, has always been an attempt to unite and strengthen the dispersed, uneven radical politics in Australia.

Green Left Weekly began its life as a regroupment project of the ecological and socialist currents in Australia when an organisational regroupment was not possible. In that sense, Green Left Weekly was conceived as a paper for the broader progressive movements: it was and is not a typical "party newspaper".

Green Left Weekly remains an independent progressive newspaper committed to reporting on the unfolding political, social and ecological developments across the globe. As such, socialists can accumulate support and respect from having regular input into its pages.


That Socialist Alliance continues to support the Green Left Weekly project by:

  • writing regular articles covering SA's policy positions and campaigns, and its weekly Our Common Cause column, as well as engaging in debates with others involved in the green and left movements;
  • supporting the regular weekly distribution of the paper, including helping organise a national and local distribution committees which are open to all supporters of GLW;
  • promoting GLW hard copy and e-subscriptions and solidarity subscriptions to SA members and others in the progressive movements; and
  • encouraging other progressive organisations to make use of GLW through supplements such as the Arabic-language supplement The Flame and the Latin America Social Forum Spanish supplement.