Draft platform of the Socialist Alliance

Draft platform of the Socialist Alliance

The Socialist Alliance stands on a platform of total opposition to the profit-driven economic rationalist agenda of social austerity, privatisation and deregulation. While tremendous wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few, millions of us face transport chaos, low pay, job insecurity, homelessness, racism , and environmental destruction. By empowering communities and redistributing the wealth of society we can create jobs, expand public services, and improve welfare and services.

The tremendous wealth of Australia is concentrated in the hands of a tiny minority. Only by ending the concentration of power in the hands of that minority can the wealth that exists be used for the benefit of working people. Every major industry should be re-organised on the lines of social provision for need-publicly owned, and democratically controlled by the workers and the community.

The Socialist Alliance will stand candidates in the next federal election to give a voice to working class struggle, to the need for working-class political representation. We will stand to offer an alternative that Labor is not. We recognise that on issues such as th GST, health, education, Labor is offering far less than what traditional labor voters want. The Socialist Alliance stands in complete opposition to the racist and right-wing Pauline Hanson's One Nation party. If elected, a Socialist Alliance candidate would reject the perks and personal pay-outs of parliamentary office and take only an average workers wage. In parliament, Socialist Alliance candidates would use their position to give a voice to workers struggles and social movements,
fight reactionary policies and promote the mass campaigns that can defeat the attacks on jobs and living standards.

A movement for change must be built by developing policies, campaigns, industrial struggles and co-operation with all workers, environmental, anti-racist, and other social movements and to put forward an alternative to corporate control of society. A sustained mass campaign of total opposition to the ruling class offensive can bring together the forces to replace capitalism with a socialist society, based on co-operation, democracy and ecological sustainability.

Axe the GST, tax the rich

  • Tax the rich and slash the defence budget to fund free universal provision for health, education, and care of dependent people.
  • Free tertiary education
  • Free quality childcare
  • Repeal the GST and introduce a highly progressive system of taxes on incomes, profits and wealth of the rich — reverse drastic reductions in business taxation of recent years
  • Free quality aged care
  • Increase social security benefits, no work for the dole, no mutual obligation

Public need not corporate greed

  • End government funding of private schools, hospitals and health insurance.
  • No subsidies to wealthy schools.
  • Fund Medicare not private health funds
  • Expand public services

Full union rights

  • Every worker should have the right to join a union and oblige their employer to recognise and negotiate with the union. Unions should have the right to gain access to workplaces, to inspect company plans and books, to strike, to picket effectively, and to act in solidarity with other unions or social causes.
  • Repeal anti-union laws — the Workplace Relations Act and sections 45 D and E of the Trade Practices Act.
  • No individual contracts

Fight corporate globalisation

  • For international solidarity, to gain union rights, basic public services, and a living wage for workers around the world
  • Cancel Third World debt. The agents of global capitalism, the WTO, IMF and World Bank must be replaced with a global plan of economic reconstruction to end poverty
  • Stop Howard's military expansion; no military ties with repressive regimes
  • Promote peace and international co-operation

Freedom and democracy

  • For a democratic Republic with representatives receiving no more than a skilled workers wage
  • End racist harassment of Aborigines and ethnic groups
  • Disarm the police to stop police killings
  • Decriminalise personal drug use; for safe injecting rooms

End discrimination

  • Full reproductive freedom; repeal abortion laws
  • Repeal all laws that discriminate against lesbians and gays. Full equality for same sex couples.
  • End all discrimination based on race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, disability and political ideology
  • Equal pay for equal or comparative work for all, including women, young people, Aboriginal workers and the disabled
  • Fully funded refuges for women and children who have been victims of sexual or physical abuse

For ecological sustainable development

  • Money for public transport;
  • Effective action on greenhouse gas emissions; develop renewable energy sources;
  • No uranium mining, no reactor; no logging old growth forests.
  • Worker — community — green alliances to counter profiteering developers

Social justice for Indigenous Australians

  • Repeal Howard's ten point plan and extend native title
  • Negotiate a Treaty recognising prior ownership and Indigenous land rights;
  • Increase funding for and Aboriginal control of community services;
  • Abolish mandatory sentencing;
  • Full compensation for the Stolen Generation

Free the refugees

  • Close the detention centres;
  • Full rights for asylum seekers
  • Open the borders, funding for settlement

Jobs not profits

  • Shorter working week with no loss in pay; nationalise companies that threaten mass sackings and guarantee workers' entitlements;
  • Stop casualisation;
  • Stop competition policy massacring jobs
  • No enterprise bargaining