Draft Key Policies: SA Queensland State Election Campaign 2012

Urgent appeal. Socialist Alliance needs to submit an updated list of over 1500 members to the Australian Electoral Commission to maintain our electoral registration and appear on the ballot at the next federal election. We're asking all existing members and those interested in joining to confirm your willingness to support our electoral enrolment by filling in this form.
  • People Before Profit! Planet Before Profit!
  • For the millions, not the billionaires!

For a liveable Brisbane and Queensland, meeting human needs!

  1. Stop Coal Seam Gas: Immediate moratorium on existing CSG exploration and mining, until safety of land and water can be proved; No new CSG projects; Royal commission into all aspects of CSG industry; Total ban on "fracking."
  2. Take back the people's assets: Re-nationalise QR (Queensland Rail) National, Energex and other privatised state enterprises, under workers' and public control.
  3. For a state-owned insurance company: Re-establish a publicly owned Queensland Government Insurance Office, to offer low-cost, comprehensive insurance, with automatic coverage for floods, fires and cyclones; Take on the greedy private insurance companies!
  4. Set up a new Queensland State Bank: Low-interest loans to householders, farmers and small business; Stop the private banks ripping off the community!
  5. Green energy, not coal: No new coal mines or coal-fired power plants in Queensland; Rapidly phase out existing coal mining; For a major state-owned program of solar, wind-power and geo-thermal electricity production for all future energy needs; Green jobs and retraining for coal-industry workers.
  6. Expand public transport: Invest in rail and buses, not roads for trucks and cars; Free and frequent, and fully integrated, public transport networks throughout Brisbane and the regions; Oppose the recent fare hikes!
  7. Quality universal, public health care, education and housing for all: For a full, independent restructure of Queensland Health, placing QH under public control; Fund public schools, not private education; Expand public and community housing, at reasonable rents.
  8. Genuine justice for Aboriginal people: For a new royal commission into deaths in custody; Implement findings of 1991 commission; Jail those responsible; Full land rights now; Pay "Stolen Wages" in full.
  9. Repeal anti-abortion laws: Genuine equal pay for women workers; full marriage equality for all.
  10. For a government genuinely accountable to the people: Community councils and referenda, not fake "consultation." End corruption and corporations buying political control; For a government of the 99%, not the 1%! Support the Occupy movement!