Draft 2016 election platform — for discussion

Draft 2016 election platform — for discussion

Draft as at August 14, 2015 — for discussion This draft should be read in conjunction with Socialist Alliance policy.

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What We Stand For

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander rights: No community closures; treaty now to respect sovereignty; repeal the Stronger Futures laws; abolish racist welfare quarantining; no uranium waste dumps; close the gap in Aboriginal health, education and housing; aboriginal control of aboriginal affairs — not tokenistic constitutional recognition.

Public ownership: Nationalise the mines, banks and energy companies, under community and workers’ control, to take back the wealth, so that it can be used for social and environmental purposes; reverse the privatisation of public assets and services.

A safe climate: Scrap emissions trading schemes, for urgent public investment and emission reduction targets to achieve 100% renewable energy within ten years and to guarantee a safe climate; bring the power industries under public ownership and democratic control; stop fracking and all unconventional gas mining; tax the corporate polluters and billionaires; make the shift from coal to renewables with a just transition for workers; ban the logging of old-growth forests and begin an urgent program of reforestation, carbon farming and biodiversity protection.

Asylum seekers: End the boat turn-backs; protect the rights of medical staff to speak out about abuse in detention; Honour Australia's UNHCR obligations; close offshore and onshore detention centres and end mandatory detention; end the excisions of Australian migration zone; end deportations and end ASIO security veto of refugees.

Workers’ rights: Scrap all anti-union laws; scrap the Trade Union Royal Commission; recognise workers’ right to strike and organise in law; protect the minimum wage; restore penalty rates; reverse casualisation — for the right to secure work for all; full industrial, residency and citizenship rights for all migrant workers; expand apprenticeship programs; reverse the increases in the retirement age.

Against racism, for democratic rights: End the racist targeting of muslim communities; scrap ‘anti-terror’ laws and abolish ASIO; repeal data retention laws; adopt a Bill of Rights.

Women’s rights: Reverse the gender wages gap — for equal pay; reverse the cuts to single parent pensions; enshrine the right to publicly funded abortion; restore and expand funding to women's shelters, refuges and community anti violence programs; for employer-funded, paid parental leave.

LGBTIQA rights: Full marriage equality; full rights for trans and intersex people.

Youth rights: Right to vote at 16; boost funding to youth services; end youth wage rates; expand youth housing programs; expand apprenticeship programs; no fees for TAFE and University; restore Austudy/Youth Allowance to a living wage; no work for the dole.

Education for all: Reverse the funding cuts to public education; make public education free to tertiary level; expand the public education sector and massively increase funding to public education; end public funding to private schools, tertiary institutions and training colleges.

Housing for all: Tackle homelessness and the housing shortfall with a large-scale expansion in quality public housing; cap rents and mortgage repayments at 20% of income; expand emergency accommodation services.

Free healthcare for all: End the back door co-payments; boost funding for preventative care and chronic disease management; free dental care; end subsidies to private health insurers; expand community-based health care networks; boost funding to mental health services.

Public transport in public hands: Boost investment in suburban and high-speed intercity rail; make public transport free and frequent; reverse the privatisation of public transport services.

For jobs and welfare rights: Immediate public investment to create useful jobs in housing, public transport and renewable energy; guaranteed basic income for all; reverse the attacks on sole parent pensions; lift all welfare payments above the poverty line;

The right to childcare and social services: Boost funding to community-based aged and child care networks, expand disability services and access; protect the universal right to the old age pension, indexed to average weekly male earnings.

International aid — not war and occupation: Bring back all military forces from Afghanistan and the Middle East; no participation or support for imperialist interventions; isolate apartheid Israel; end ANZUS and the basing of US military in Australia; boost development and climate change aid to poor countries; reverse the cuts to Australia's overseas aid programs — for a massive increase in Australia's aid budget; end Australia’s interference in the affairs of countries in the Asia Pacific; independence for West Papua.

Tax the corporate rich — No GST: Scrap the GST; for a progressive tax system; introduce a wealth tax for the super rich; an immediate rise in company tax to 49%; tax the big polluters; end the billions in public subsidies to mining corporations.

Genuine democracy — not corporate dictatorship: For participatory democracy which empowers peoples and communities; proportional representation at all government levels; election campaigns for all candidates publicly-funded to a fixed amount; end careerism and rorting — put politicians on an average workers’ wage.