A discussion after Tasmanian Socialist Alliance launch

A discussion after Tasmanian Socialist Alliance launch

Adrian Beith wrote:

After looking at the Socialist Alliance webpage, I found their policies are hardly radical.. It is only an expansion of the capitalist-welfare state, and not all that much different than what I would expect from the ALP left.”

Alex Bainbridge replied:

The most significant thing about the Socialist Alliance is that nine different socialist groups are putting forward a united position for the federal elections. This makes a socialist voice much stronger and easier to hear and significantly has already created an atmosphere where there is more collaboration and cooperation in practical campaign work. (Naturally, not all differences have evaporated, but the Alliance is a significant step in the right direction.) In addition, because of this practical display of unity, scores if not hundreds of activists from around the country who are not part of any of the nine affiliated organisations have been inspired to get more involved in the socialist movement and have joined the Alliance. This also is a positive thing.

Adrian complains that the (draft) platform is not radical enough. The platform is designed for a specific purpose: to be an action platform around which people can unite to challenge the economic rationalist policies of the major parties. The (radical) socialist movement will take steps forward as the popular mass movement for social justice makes advances.

Building a fighting movement to expand the “capitalist-welfare state” - under attack by capitalist governments and opposition parties here and around the world - is part of the process of assembling the activist force that is necessary to fight for the more radical change that is necessary.

The Socialist Alliance most certainly plans to build this fighting movement, something that cannot honestly be said about the ALP left judging by its recent *record*.

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