Contribution to Alliance Voices

Contribution to Alliance Voices

I am puzzled by Adam Baker's statement in Alliance Voices no. 6 that: “The torture and murder of Muammar Gaddafi by pro-imperialist and monarchist cutthroats was the point where the penny dropped. The SA as broad party strategy was not only leading to the party sliding into liberal and opportunist errors - it was also leading us to support Western triumphalism.”

Socialist Alliance opposed the NATO bombing campaign against Libya. It is true that we supported the initial protests against Gaddafi, and were slow to realise that the rebel movement had been taken over by right-wing forces. But this had nothing to do with our supposed “liberal and opportunist errors”. We just assumed that the Libyan uprising was an extension of the revolutionary wave sweeping the Arab world, and failed to look at it closely enough.

The Democratic Socialist Party made similar errors many times in the past. To take just one example: In 1989 we were very enthusiastic about the upsurge of protest against the Stalinist regimes in Eastern Europe. We thought these countries were on the road to democratic socialism, and were taken by surprise when right-wing forces established pro-capitalist governments throughout Eastern Europe.

Calling yourself a Marxist party doesn’t save you from making errors. Only a vigilant membership can reduce the number of errors and correct them quickly.