Comments on the draft Towards a Socialist Australia

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The draft resolution, Towards a Socialist Australia, is a very valuable contribution to Australian public life. There are two parts that merit further consideration.

The first is the last paragraph on page 5. The second sentence states: "Australia has been an enthusiastic participant in the imperialist wars in Iraq and Afghanistan".

I would have expressed the same idea by saying the ruling class and many of their propagandists have been enthusiastic participants in the imperialist wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. A high percentage of Australians are not prepared, at this point of time, to support the left-wing opposition to those wars in a practical way.

The second statement that requires additional consideration appears on page 7: "MPs should carry out their duties on the wages of an average worker". Let us assume that the MP represents an electorate, or is a senator from Queensland or Western Australia, and travels to Canberra for the Parliamentary sittings. This would require expenditure on meals and accommodation. In other words, the MP would be expected to maintain two homes on the wages of an average worker. I contend that we should include a fair and reasonable expense account to cover meals, accommodation and other legitimate expenses incurred by a parliamentarian.