Change of organisation and newspaper names, style, look and feel

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Dear comrades, the following are some suggestions aimed at a thorough discussion on alternative names for the paper and the organisation.

I like the names Green Left and Socialist Alliance. However my experience indicates that these names are still associated with the old Democratic Socialist Party (DSP), and that the general radical public, the broad historic left who may be looking for a home, still do not know that a change has occurred. (I am aware that this may vary in some states however, in the major capitals I would argue the above is correct).

It simply makes the task too long, hard and inefficient when too much time has to be spent explaining that a dramatic change has occurred, while the outward symbols of the organisation remain the same. I do not know any labour movement activists with the sort of time on their hands which that requires.

A change I believe will mean that people will immediately ask what the difference is. At the moment those of us who were not DSP are having to proactively try to approach people and indicate that a vast broadening and deepening has occurred in:

  • The organisation's methods of work;
  • Criteria and reasons for unity;
  • Definitions; and
  • Policy approach

Most still do not know about the dramatic shift away from a specifically Trotskyist style of party-building model, and the change in names, style and look will do much to finally get that fact out there.

Style and look are important to imbed the idea very deeply in the public and radical-community's mind that a change has occurred. I suggest that we move towards a different type of paper in the look and that we should move even further away from the older “Direct Action” sensibility.

I believe that both the names of the paper and organisation should be changed to that end. Some suggestions for the name of the organisation follow on from some suggested alternatives for the paper, however, I reckon we should announce a national public engagement through the newly named Newspaper, asking for discussion and suggestions on the organisation's name.

The act of such an engagement will focus people's minds and energies on the policies which we represent. Further, those active Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists and other religious comrades who regard themselves as socialists, those Greens and Libertarians of various stripes who regard themselves as socialists and left Labor comrades who likewise regard themselves as socialists, will discover in such a discussion that they have a home in an organisation with such breadth but which rests upon the same underpinning values, which are all aimed towards a socialist Australia.

Please note, these are only two possibilities and are rough examples done by myself — an amateur.

Thanks comrades.