A brief further note on what we stand for and on unity

A brief further note on what we stand for and on unity

I had meant to write a more extensive final contribution on the discussion around Towards a Socialist Australia (TASA), our Constitution and the various discussions related to unity. Illness and holiday plans have gotten in the way and a brief note on a hand-held device will have to do.

I mainly wanted to indicate that I agree with TASA remaining a draft, but also would still like to move to strengthen the document with the amendments I've put forward, as improved by Chris Slee and further improved by Peter Boyle.

I think the discussion has been very useful and it's particularly important to keep the current political context in mind when deciding how best to build socialist politics today as Peter Boyle has particularly done. Those comrades showing some reticence should keep in mind that SA has always meant to be a developing project, and that we always need to use different languages and address different audiences.

I think the various discussions here, on elists and Facebook about unity with Socialist Alternative have been very and positive if at times sharp. I think there's been some talking at cross purposes from both sides including some missing-the-point concerns from us that SAlt are demanding a declaration of revolutionism, whereas it's up to them to argue for unity on this basis if they want and if we think this includes us we should say great let's take it from there.

I think we should add a paragraph to the perspectives document welcoming Socialist Alternative's approach and putting our approach. Whether in the document or not we should think about concrete joint work: I'd suggest joint caucuses early in the year in union and movement areas in relevant cities to exchange and hopefully agree on perspectives and plans. Perhaps there's also a possible joint round of events such as a speaking tour or film showings, perhaps on coal seam gas?