Amended Coal Seam Gas policy

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The coal seam gas (CSG) industry is rapidly increasing its scope in the Australian energy market. CSG is talked up as by some as a clean energy source, or as a “transition fuel”, while we develop renewable energies. But it is natural gas — a fossil fuel. Production, processing, transportation and combustion creates greenhouse gas emissions.

For a safe climate, we need to shift to zero emissions within the next decade. With stationary energy currently responsible for 51 per cent of our total emissions, the single biggest contribution to a safe climate future in Australia will come through making the switch to 100% renewables. This means no fossil fuels, including natural gas.

Particular concerns with CSG mining and use — that require policy to address existing projects — include threats to water systems and supplies, leaking methane, above ground footprint, threats to the productive quality of land, health impacts, seismic activity and insufficient research.

Socialist Alliance campaigns for:

  • A royal commission into the full impacts of coal seam gas mining.
  • An immediate moratorium on all coal seam gas mining until outcome of the royal commission and democratic decision about the future of existing projects.
  • A ban on hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and similar stimulation techniques.
  • No new coal seam gas. Investment in energy must be limited to technologies that can move us to a zero emissions economy, not commit us to new fossil fuels.